Jumpun Pambelom

Jumpun Pambelum is a place for managing peat soil into a forest or a place for adopting trees, located on the edge of the Kalimantan highway in KM 30.5, Tumbang Nusa Village, Kec. Jabiren Raya, Kab. Pulang Pisau. This place was first opened in 1998 by Ir. Juminro, M.Si. Jumpun Pambelom has a very deep meaning. Jumpun is taken from the Dayak Ma’anyan language which means forest and Pambelom is taken from the Dayak Ngaju language which means life. those means the forest of life. Jumpun Pambelom was built to restore the function of forests that have been damaged by forest fires and other human activities. Therefore, Jumpun Pambelom provides tree adoption services, which usually start from seeds to large trees, which will be taken care by the people at Jumpun Pambelom. Some of the trees provided by Jumpun Pambelom for adoption include Jelutung, Ramin, Blangeran, Pulai, Galam and several other types of peat soil trees. Not only the trees, but Jumpun Pambelom also adopted a type of orchid and other herbal plants.

    Usually, to adopt the Jumpun Pambelom tree is by through collaboration with local or surrounding communities. So, those communities will take care of the adopted tree from seed to 5 year old tree. For fees, usually Jumpun Pambelom will pay around IDR 100,000/person. As a place that works in the adoption of trees, Jumpun Pambelom has been providing several facilities, one of which is the construction of boreholes. This drilled well is expected to function to extinguish the fire, if at any time there is a fire occured in the area of ​​Jumpun Pambelom. Because its purpose is very beneficial for the sustainability of forests in the future, it has attracted the attention of large companies to work together in adopting trees which one day can be taken of or still cared for in the Jumpun Pambelom area and will be given a sign that will indicates that the tree belongs to the company.

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