Pulang Pisau

Our pilot project is located in Pulang Pisau Regency, 30.5 km from the center of Palangkaraya City. We collaborate with stakeholders in Jumpun Pambelom and Tane Pambelom area (Tane Ranu Dayak Institute) to fight the environmental issues of peat swamp forests in Central Kalimantan by restoring 50 ha of burned area.

Other than with Jumpun Pambelum, we also work with KHDTK Banjarbaru to support their restoration project in the 5000 ha of peatland they manage.

We choose Central Kalimantan as our project area because of its potential for peatland and to keep the peatland from being degraded further. Kalimantan has a peatland area of 57,000 km2, and approximately 30,000 km2 are located in Central Kalimantan. Central Kalimantan is a real portrait of the characteristics and vulnerability of forest and land fires in Indonesia. With the arrival of each dry season, thousands of hectares of forests and land burn at an increasingly large scale and impact. Various countermeasures have been taken, and various research and innovations have been produced. However, disasters keep repeating themselves.