Himba Raya Indonesia

We are a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness about environmental degradation, and the need for solutions that support local communities In Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Logging and conversion to agriculture have badly degraded an enormous area of peat swamp rainforest in Central Kalimantan. This has leads to significant carbon dioxide emissions and annual recurrence of lasting fires. As a result, nearby communities have experienced the impact of harmful smoke and emerging health problems.

Our mission is to promote local community resilience toward climate change through nature-based solutions.

Himba Raya Indonesia

While protection and restoration of the fire-damaged areas in Jumpun Pambelum are needed, few sustainable business models have been developed to date that can accomplish this while also providing sustainable income for the community. Our pilot project is located in Pulang Pisau Regency, 30.5 km from the center of Palangkaraya city. We are collaborating with stakeholders in Jumpun Pambelom and Tane Pambelom area (Tane Ranu Dayak Institution) to fight deforestation of peat-swamp forests in Central Kalimantan. Our goal is to build community resilience to climate change through nature-based solutions and community empowerment.


To build community resilience toward climate change through nature-based solutions.


Create and implement solutions most needed by the community; to conserve natural habitats from acute threats; instilling cultural values and local wisdom as the organization’s base; enhancing community awareness; and developing sustainable community livelihood.