First time planting trees with Hirai

By Annisa

Saturday, 06 May 2023 Himba Raya Indonesia carried out a tree planting activity on peatland as part of an environmental conservation program at KHDTK Tumbang Nusa, Pulang Pisau Regency. Planting trees on peatlands is a concrete step to reduce carbon emissions, maintain water quality, and increase biodiversity. This activity was attended by the HRAI team, volunteers, and giveaway winners.

The participants departed together to the planting location from Palangkaraya City and took approximately 1 hour of travel. Before arriving at the planting location, the participants took tree seedlings to be planted at the local community nursery. Arriving at the Tumbang Nusa KHDTK office, participants received materials and directions from the Tumbang Nusa KHDTK Team regarding the types of trees to be planted, how to plant them, and the current state of the peatlands. After that we got ready to go to the planting site on foot. The weather was very hot at that time but it did not dampen our spirits. The participants were divided into 3 groups whose task was to plant trees according to the paths that had been made previously by paying attention to the distance between trees and taking into account the need for water and nutrients for optimal growth. The participants helped and encouraged each other. We make sure every seed is planted properly and with the hope that it will grow into a strong tree. In this activity, we managed to plant 600 trees. After finishing planting the trees, the participants returned to the Tumbang Nusa KHDTK office to rest and prepare to return to Palangkaraya City.

From this activity we realize how important peatland conservation is and the positive impact of planting trees in this vulnerable environment. Every individual has an important role in maintaining the sustainability of nature and overcoming climate change. Planting trees is only the first step, but it is important to involve the community, especially young people and other interested parties, to care for and protect peatlands in the long term. Let’s play an active role together in protecting and restoring peatlands. Every small action has a big impact, and by working together we can create a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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