Hirai Alumni Gathering and Dinner: A Night of Friendship, Inspiration, and Celebration

By Rabiatul (Hirai 2024 Volunteer)

On Sunday, June 9th, 2024, the Hirai Foundation held a very special event for the first time, the Hirai Alumni Gathering and Dinner. This event was a moment to reconnect the threads of friendship that have been woven over the years, to inspire and share stories to continue to be enthusiastic and creative.

The event began with a warm welcome from the CEO and CCO of the Hirai Foundation, who expressed their gratitude for the presence of all alumni. Their words flowed like a river filling the room. The welcome was greeted with enthusiastic applause from the guests, indicating a high level of enthusiasm for this event.

After the welcome, the event continued with a storytelling session, which was a moment to share stories and experiences. Each story became a window that opened up beautiful memories and challenges they had faced. These stories became a knot that tied the hearts of the alumni and motivated new volunteers who had just joined the Hirai Foundation.

Following the storytelling session, the event continued with a seminar on the theme of “Green Artistry: Fusing Nature and Technology in Creative Expression,” led by speaker Kuratul Ain. This inspiring seminar opened up insights on how nature and technology can synergize to create sustainable and meaningful works of art. Games that were included in the seminar managed to maintain the cheerfulness and interaction of the audience, making this event not only informative but also entertaining.

Not to be forgotten, the certificate awarding moment was also a highlight of this event. Alumni who had contributed were appreciated through the awarding of certificates. Cheers and applause accompanied each certificate presentation.

The event closed with a dinner together, where the aroma of delicious dishes and cheerful laughter filled the room. Enjoying the food while sharing stories and laughing together, a warm and intimate atmosphere flowed, creating an unforgettable moment and strengthening the bonds of brotherhood among each other.

May this event be a starting point to continue strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, inspire creativity, and celebrate success together in the future.

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