Tree Planting

Himba Raya Indonesia (HIRAI) is a foundation that was established in early 2021, this foundation is focused on restoring forest functions and tree adoption programs. Considering that more and more forests are being damaged by human activities, HIRAI also plans to carry out a tree planting program. This program aims to utilize peatlands or land that has been damaged to become forest again, although it is not as perfect as forests in general. To achieve this program, HIRAI does not work alone. HIRAI collaborates with another foundation, namely Jumpun Pambelom. As we know that the Jumpun Pambelom foundation is a place for managing damaged land and providing new land. In collaboration with HIRAI, Jumpun Pambelom has provided land and a place for pre-nursery. This land has an area of ​​approx 69,0071 Hektare which will be planted with trees more or less 1600Tree/Hektare. Then related to seeds, the head of the foundation from Jumpun Pambelom also said that the seeds could be supplied from Jumpun Pambelom directly or could also be purchased from local communities. The price of seeds purchased from local communities usually ranges from IDR 8,000 – 10,000/tree seedling.

    Furthermore, before planting on the land that has been determined, the seeds will first be pre-nursed in the nursery area that has been provided by Jumpun Pambelom. This seeding process will last long enough until the seeds are considered old enough to be ready to be moved. After the seeds are ready to be moved, the seeds will be planted on the land that has been provided by Jumpun Pambelom earlier. In planting the seeds on the land, the working community will be monitored by several committees from HIRAI and Jumpun Pambelom employees themselves. This is the program that has been planned by HIRAI and Jumpun Pambelom. In addition, this program is also expected to awaken and invite everyone to maintain and preserve protected forests in Indonesia, especially in Central Kalimantan.

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